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  • Eliminate your business debt, solutions of families Credit card Debt Sydney Melbourne Brisbane Australia

    My Credit Card Debt

    Credit card debt help for businesses and families in Australia

  • Debt Consolidation Melbourne, Debt Help Perth, Debt Counselling Adelaide

    Debt Counsellors

    Professional debt Counsellors from MCCD are available to negotiate your debts and help plan a tailored budget for you

  • Consolidate and reduce your credit card debt | Financial Solutions Debt Agreements Melbourne Sydney Brisbane

    Credit Solutions

    We negotiate your debts on your behalf getting the best possible deal

  • Reduce My Debt, No Defaults Protect Your Credit Rating Brisbane Sydney Australia

    Debt Management

    We help you to manage and reduce your debt in Australia, saving you thousands.

  • Debt Negotiation Avoid Bankruptcy Debt Management Debt Relief Sydney Melbourne Brisbane

    Eliminate Credit Card Debt

    We buy you time so you the opportunity to eliminate credit card debt from your life

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Credit Solutions in Sydney

Clearing Your Credit Card Debt For Good

Throughout Australia, thousands of people face financial hardships brought on by credit card and other debts. My Credit Card Debt offers debt management and counselling services to help you take control of your credit card debt. Stop the debt collectors and avoid defaults or black marks on your credit rating.

Reduce Credit Card Debt

Stop the calls, beat your credit card debt and stop the creditors. Don't let the banks push you around, we can help you reduce your credit card debts.

Reduce Personal Debt

Have your personal debts gotten out of hand? Reduce personal debt, we can help you reign in your debts and avoid defaults and black marks.

Reduce Business Debt

Starting a business can mean accruing large debts over a short period that can be impossible to pay back. We reduce your debt with debt negotiation with creditors.

Avoid Defaults

Don't be left with a black mark against your name. Avoid debt agreements and bankruptcy that cause defaults and make it impossible to borrow again.

Stop The Calls

Stop the debt collectors from hassling you at home and work. We will negotiate on your behalf and get you the time to pay off your credit card debt.

Eliminate Your Debt

We can eliminate 95% of your debts and get your life or business back on track. Talk to our team today on (02) 9011 7919 and find out how.

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The debt counsellors at My Credit Card Debt are able to provide you with expert advice to help you reduce and eliminate your credit card debt. We offer a range of services including informal negotiations, budgeting and tailored solutions. We negotiate to get you time as well as a reduced price on your debts so not only will you have time to pay off your debts but they will also be negotiated to a lower price.

My Credit Card Debt helps you avoid bankruptcy in all its forms including personal insolvency agreements, debt agreements and declaring actual bankruptcy as these can have a devastating effect on your credit rating. Don’t let debt control your life, call us today on (02) 9011 7919 or fill out our form to be contacted by one of our debt councellors.


Eliminate Credit Card Debt From Your Life

Debt Solutions And Counselling For Credit Card Debt

Stop the calls and debt collectors | Protect your credit rating | Settle your debts
If you have large credit card debt,
We can help you reduce your debts though negotiation and planning.
We help you reach a settlement with your creditors
Call today to eliminate your credit card debt.

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Protect your Credit Rating

Regain Control | Free Yourself From Credit Card Debt

Credit Card Debt Negotiation Financial Guidance Debt Consolidation Bad Debt Melbourne Sydney Australia

Many Australians enter into debt agreements or bankruptcy without truly knowing the effects that it can have on their lives and business. Without proper knowledge people are often left stranded with nowhere to turn after entering into administration. They are unable to access capital to fund projects, mortgage a house, or buy a car due to the black mark against their credit rating.

My Credit Card Debt Australia aims to ensure that you come out of credit card debt with no defaults or black marks on your credit rating, ensuring you are able to borrow in the future. We consolidate your debts and negotiate on your behalf ensuring that the calls and debt collectors are stopped and you are given time to save.

You don’t have to enter into a debt agreement or bankruptcy, we can help ensure your business or personal finances get back in the black with our smart budgeting program.

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Credit Card Debt Negotiation

Debt Recovery In Sydney

Prevent bankruptcy and insolvency Settle your Debt No Credit Default Perth Australia Sydney

If you are currently struggling with credit card debt in Australia? When your business or personal finances are out of order get in contact with My Credit Card Debt Australia. We understand the hardship that come with financial difficulties, and can help you get back in the black.

Our Service give you a chance to get completely out of debt, we negotiate on your behalf with your creditors to give you time to save eventually settle your credit card debts. Our team of experts can also provide professional financial advice to help ensure you get back on track with no defaults or black marks.

We aim to avoid debt agreements and bankruptcy, consolidating your debts and ensuring you keep your current credit rating. So free yourself from the troubles of credit card debt today and start planning for the future.

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Reduce My Credit Card Debt

Get The Help You Need With Your Credit Card Debt

What Is An Informal Agreement Melbourne, Eliminate Credit Card Debt Hobart, Debt Solutions Australia

At My Credit Card Debt, our main focus is getting you back into a comfortable financial situation. Our debt counsellors will sit down with you to come up with a plan to tackle your debt issues. They have the experience to know what the best option is for your particular situation and act accordingly. During negotiations they are completely transparent, giving you updates and making sure that any actions they take are approved by you.

We are able to negotiate an informal agreement with your creditor meaning that you avoid bankruptcy in all its forms including part 9 debt agreements and personal insolvency agreements. Using the informal agreement, we get you the breathing room you need to tackle your debt and negotiate a reduced settlement.

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  • Debt Elimination Strategies, No Defaults, Stop The Calls Sydney Brisbane Australia
    I was stuck with a huge credit card bill and quickly realised I wasn’t going to be able to pay it off. The Guys at My Credit Card Debt were able to help me pay off the debt and keep my credit rating.

    Derick Hankinson

  • Become Debt Free | Insolvency Practitioner in Sydney Melbourne Perth No Debt Agreements
    My Credit Card Debt was huge and it was ruining my business, Luckily Chapter Two was able to negotiate a reduced final settlement which saved me thousands and allowed me to regain control over my business.

    Jessica Breneman

  • Credit Card Debt Help Debt Calculator Smart Budgeting Adelaide Sydney Melbourne
    My credit card debt was so bad that I was getting called three time a day and almost lost my home. My Credit Card Debt stopped the calls and gave me the time I needed to pay back a large amount of my debt. I’m extremely thankful to their team.

    Simon Bodis

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Contact us now and learn more about how you can beat bankruptcy and insolvency. We will help get you through your current financial situation with no defaults or black marks, stopping the calls and the hassle caused by debt.



Find Out How We Can Help You Get Out Of Credit Card Debt In Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane

We have helped thousands of people across Australia with their debt issues, negotiating on your behalf to get a better deal and more time. We stop the calls and debt collectors giving you a fair go to eliminate your debts. We aim to avoid bankruptcy and debt agreements, with no defaults or black marks against your name. So where ever you are, rest easy in the knowledge that we can help you.

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Debt Consolidation in Australia

Settle your Credit Card Debt With Our Debt Solutions

Consolidate Your Debts Sydney

Consolidate your debts today with us and save thousands for the future. Don't be left in the dark.

Credit Card Debt Negotiation Melbourne

Get rid of your credit card debt, we will negotiate for you and ensure you get the best deal possible.

No Defaults or Black Marks Brisbane

We ensure you avoid defaults and keep your credit rating with our financial solutions.

Professional Debt Counsellors Perth

Do allow debt collectors to hassle you, get rid of your debt now and feel safe in the future.

Save Your Credit Rating Adelaide

We can save your credit rating and ensure you can borrow in the future with no defaults or black marks.

Avoid Debt Agreements & Bankruptcy Canberra

You don't have to enter into debt agreements or bankruptcy, call today and find out how we can help you.

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Debt Counseling and Negotiation

Get Out Of Credit Card Debt In Australia

Protect Your Credit Rating Sydney, Debt Negotiators Melbourne, Credit Card Debt Perth

My Credit Card Debt is experienced at handling serious debt negotiations and can counsel you on how to best handle your finances to reduce your debts as soon as possible. You could be out of debt sooner than you think with our expert negotiators getting a better deal for you, meaning you will have to pay less and have more time to pay back your debts.

Credit card debt is a heavy burden that can ruin your credit score if not taken care of. My Credit Card Debt will help you to protect your credit rating. Talk to the experts at My Credit Card Debt soon to get the help you need as there are time limits set on defaults. Make sure you get the advice you need to handle your finance and get back on track.

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Debt Solutions Australia | My Credit Card Debt

Debt Management For Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane

Smart Budgeting Perth, Settle your Credit Card Brisbane, Eliminate Credit Card Debt Adelaide

When you are trying to get out of debt, it can be hard to find the right solution. With so many solutions out there, it can be tough to know which one will work for you. At My Credit Card Debt, we come up with tailored solutions to help our clients reduce their debts. When people fall on hard times, we are there to help pick them back up.

Managing debt is a nightmare no one should have to go through alone. But the truth is thousands of Australians suffer through debt every year, not knowing where to turn to for help. But there are solutions available, you don’t have to suffer alone. Many people worry about the costs of debt management services, but we promise to save you way more, not only in stress but in money and time to.

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Credit Card Debt Settlement Australia

We Negotiate With Your Creditors To Get You A Better Deal

How To Plan A Budget Adelaide, Debt Councillors Brisbane, How To Deal With Debt Collectors Melbourne

My Credit Card Debt can help settle your credit card debt with your creditors. We offer a number of ways to negotiate including informal agreements and debt consolidation. We assess your financial situation and talk with your creditors about getting you a better deal. This can involve getting extensions on payments, negotiating your debts down with the promise of full upfront payment and reducing your interest rate to something more negotiable.

We also help you budget and plan for the future, such as with a debt consolidation loan. We make sure you are able to meet your debt payments and ensure you eliminate your debt in the quickest time possible. We also stop the debt collectors, giving you respite from unwanted calls and house visits. Call today for a free consultation.

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Debt Negotiators Australia | Reduce Your Debts

Protect Your Credit Rating With No Black Marks

Debt Solutions Sydney | Debt Management Melbourne | Debt Consolidation Brisbane
We negotiate your debts and get you a better deal
Before you consider bankruptcy or debt agreements talk to us
We can help you reduce your credit card debt and get you back on your feet
With no damage to your credit rating and no defaults

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Credit Card Debt Settlements

My Credit Card Debt will help you settle your debts, getting you the best possible deal though negotiations with your creditors. We can get your debts payments or interest reduced and get you an extension on paying your debts. Contact us today to find out how! Call (02) 9011 7919 or fill out our form.